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Retain Customers, Build Loyalty and Grow My DTC Brand with My DTC Catalog™.

Design, print, and mail personalized direct-mail catalogs with ease. Try it now!

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Ideal for DTC Brands Using Shopify or WooCommerce

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Revolutionize the way my DTC Brand connects with its customers.

Join our Open Beta Tester Cohort.

Our SaaS customer retention solution allows DTC Brands like mine to easily create customized catalogs that can be printed and mailed directly to my customers.

With our web-to-print platform, I can create unique, powerful content that will help me increase engagement, drive sales and grow my business.

We offer catalog design, printing, and mailing services completely free of charge for all participants who provide us with valuable feedback.

Make my move today and join right now so I don't miss out on this incredible offer!

Hurry now and join our select group of five people who will be invited to provide advice and feedback while receiving these valuable benefits below:

5 Benefits Each Cohort Member Receives



I get my WooCommerce and/or Shopify Product Data (photos, prices, titles, descriptions, etc) exported into a CSV file that can be mapped to the InDesign Template used to create my print catalog.



I get my Catalog Design and Layout prepared for me using an Adobe InDesign Template created by Danté Hamilton, founder of and an experienced Graphic Designer.


I will receive one printed catalog personalized for each of my 200 customers. I get to choose from three available sizes, including:1) Tabloid Newspaper, 2) Magazine or 3) Digest size formats.

USPS MAILING will sponsor the cost of my mailing and obtain a review by a USPS Mailpiece Design Analyst to ensure compliance with USPS Marketing Mail standards.


I get a 20% Off Coupon Code good toward a future catalog Printing and Mailing when launches in Fall 2023.

Just click on the button above to register now.

Or read our Frequently Asked Questions regarding products and services.

RSVP For Our Black-Owned DTC Brand Cohort Catalog Offer Info Session on

Sat., December 16, 2023 at 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM CST


Open Beta Testers Cohort Bonus

As an Open Beta Testers Cohort participant, I will get 1-on-1, hands-on assistance and tips from Dante Hamilton, founder and CEO of, Inc., via private Zoom sessions. BETA Official Logo blk


Pick a Template. Upload Content. Order Printing and Mailing.

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Pick an InDesign Template

First, grab one of our templates. Each created with Call-To-Action elements: QR Codes, Buttons, Call-Outs, Augmented Reality and even Personalized URLs (PURLs) can all be placed on each and every page.

Step 2

Upload Content from Database

Second, connect your WordPress WooCommerce Product Catalog. Import Pictures, Customer Data like Mailing Addresses and more. We'll use that info to create USPS Intelligent Mail Barcodes so each publication meets postal automation standards. Printing and Mailing
Step 3

Order Printing and Mailing

Last, order printing. Quantities range from 200-1,000 copies and a minimum of 4-pages. For now we offer increments of 4-8-12-16-20 page publications. Marketing Mail requires 200 flats (publications) to qualify for special mailing rates. BETA Official Logo blk

Frequently Asked Questions

(Partial Listing) Frequently Asked Questions

What Is MyNewsZine E-Commerce Edition?

  • MyNewsZine™ E-Commerce Edition is the brand name of's printed direct-mail publications.
  • Three size options are available, including: 1) Tabloid Newspaper 2) Magazine and 3) Digest
  • Each size option contains 4-20 printed pages of content as most publications are printed in page count multiples of 4 (ex: 4-pages, 8-pages, 12-pages, 16-pages, 20-pages)
  • A typical direct-mail catalog is about 16-32 pages

How Are MyNewsZine E-Commerce Edition Publications Personalized?

  • MyNewsZine™ E-Commerce Edition is personalized using what is known as variable data publishing (VDP) or variable data printing. This form of printing utilizes a digital printing press.
  • VDP is a form of database publishing that is a more advanced type of a "mail-merge".
  • VDP allows data, such as the kind of data stored in a WooCommerce online product catalog,to be extracted and then placed into a printed publication that is customized for each recipient. This process is called "personalization".
  • When VDP is used to print Marketing Mail catalogs, the results are that no two publications are identical. Digital printing presses have the ability to print one-off versions of each and every page of a printed publication so that content such as text, images and graphics can be variable from page to page.

Are MyNewsZine E-Commerce Edition Publications Sustainable?

  • MyNewsZine™ E-Commerce Edition Marketing Mail catalogs are personalized to a specific recipient using a mailing address.
  • Because the number of printed publications are targeted at a known list of recipients, and printed using digital printing technology, waste is significantly reduced.
  • Less waste means less harm to the environment.

How Long Does Printing Take?

  • Printing is estimated to take between 14-21 days.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks from placement of order for printing to be returned and entered in the USPS Chicago BMEU as Marketing Mail.
  • Please Note: All Marketing Mail Flats must be reviewed and approved by a USPS Mailpiece Design Analyst before they can be printed and mailed.

Why Does Printing Page Counts Only Include 4-20 Pages?

  • In order to keep mailing costs at an absolute minimum, page counts are capped at 20-pages.
  • Marketing Mail that is sized as Tabloid, Magazine and Digest all weigh under 4 oz per unit.
  • Going over 20 pages would increase the weight of each piece and incur significantly higher costs per unit.

Does My Marketing Mail Flat Have To Be Approved By The USPS Before Mailing?

  • Yes, every Marketing Mail Flat must be reviewed and approved by a USPS Mailpiece Design Analyst prior to mailing.
  • Our templates are designed using Marketing Mailpiece Design Best Practices to help reduce the chances of them being rejected.

What Is The Turnaround Time For A Mailpiece Design Analyst Review ?

  • Mailpiece review typically occurs within 48 hours of submission.
  • will submit your Marketing Mail Flat for review and approval and notify you of the results via email once they are received.

How Much Does It Cost To Mail Each Piece?

  • USPS Commercial Marketing Mail pricing is complicated and depends on many factors.
  • Mailing Fees are $0.60 per unit (that is $0.60 for each item mailed).
  • For example, say you are mailing a Tabloid Newspaper with a print quantity of 300. That's 300 x $0.60 or $180 for mailing costs.

Once My Marketing Mail Is Delivered To The Chicago BMEU For Processing, How Will I Know It Was Accepted?

  • Marketing Mail Fees are paid via our Online Store. Once you make payment for Marketing Mail Fees you will create an account.
  • In the My Account section you will see updates on the status of Printing, Mailing and related Documents.
  • Acceptance Documents will be placed inside the My Account section for review and download.

My Business Is Not "Black-Owned" or "Women-Owned" Or Based In Illinois Or Wisconsin. Can I Still Participate In The Cohort?

  • YES! Absolutely. So hurry and apply before spaces run out.
  • Our Cohort No 1 is targeted at Black-Owned Businesses for three reasons:
  • Reason 1: February is Black History Month in the USA and, Inc., is a 100% Black-Owned Business.
  • Reason 2: We received a $25,000 Grant to help launch Part of our narrative stated we would help establish Black-Owned DTC Brands in Illinois and Wisconsin and help them become successful using our technology if awarded the $25K Grant.
  • Reason 3: FHLBank Chicago, the institution who awarded us the $25K Grant, covers the geographic areas of Illinois and Wisconsin. Part of our Impact Statements specified we would help businesses in these areas if awarded the $25K Grant.
  • If you have further questions or concerns about this, just drop us feedback using the form underneath this tab.

My Question Is Not Answered Here. How Can I Ask My Question?

  • Please submit specific questions below and Danté Hamilton, founder of, will review and answer them personally.

Question About

Have a question for us? Ask away.

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